Organized by the Law no. 304/2004 regarding the judicial organization, the judicial system in Romania is structured in the form of a pyramid. On the top of the pyramid is the Highest Court of Cassation and Justice, next the Appeal Courts and Military Court of Appeal, Tribunals, specialized tribunals, Military tribunals and on the bottom of the pyramid, the First instance courts.


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renewable_energy In Romania the start-up of the promoting system for energy from renewable sources was established first in 2003, with the publishing of the Romanian Official Gazette no. 288/2003 containing the implementation of the new system by the Government Decision no. 443/2003 on promoting the electricity produced from renewable sources.

Even if the framework legislation was published in 2003, the first producers which benefited from the support scheme were authorized and registered for participating at the Green Certificate Market in September 2005. Since the renewable energy law became applicable in 2005, only one Green Certificate was granted for each MW of electricity produced and introduced in the national electricity grid, no matter the renewable source used for the production, therefore investors did not have a big interest in the renewable energy sector.

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