The Law Firm “Hirsch Marinescu & Partners” provides consultancy services in various and complex legal areas. Since the incorporation of our office, we became well-known in the legal fields of Energy and Green Energy Resources, but also in the Labor and Employment Law domain. Besides this we offer legal services in areas as Labor Law, Environment Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Real Estate Law, Administrative Law, Civil Law as well in Litigations.

Our legal service has the main areas of reference: advisory services and litigations.

As part of the advisory services we assist and represent our clients in front of any authority or public body, we offer legal assistance in the negotiations of civil or administrative contracts; as well we draft legal opinions in civil, commercial, labor law or any other kind of areas agreed with our clients (lately related to Gambling Law).

In the litigation area we offer legal assistance and representation in different lawsuits in front of any state court in Romania and arbitration court in Romania or abroad, as well as in front of the Romanian state authorities and institutions.

Our main domain of expertise refers to:

Energy and Renewable Energy Sources

We assist our clients in the main aspects related to the energy sector as regulatory issues, energy project financing, general legal advice in the electricity and gas industry as well as alternative energy industry.

The ongoing process of major transformation of European and International regulation as well as permanent changing Romanian legislation, leading among others to the deregulation of the market, offered us the possibility to get familiar with a complex range of background issues raised in terms of concessions, clarification on property rights, network related assets, pipeline interconnection agreements, structured financing, trading strategies, on-going regulation and operational strategies.

Labor and Employment Law

One of the main areas of expertise of SCPA “Hirsch Marinescu & Partners” is Labor Law. These include, among others, negotiation of individual and collective labor contracts, counseling with the management, contestation/defense of employee claims and compensation issues. The employee-friendly Labor Law is often misunderstood by foreign investors. We try to approach each of these questions and give some understandable – maybe not in any case desired – answers. Many of the surprises can be avoided by well drafted labor contracts. Major accuracy is needed when calculating terms in a labor case, especially when it comes to the termination of a labor contract. Our long lasting experience especially the establishment of a clear procedure chart is a big support in these cases.

Environment and Regulatory Law

Our office offers counseling in environmental matters, for the avoidance of cost related issues and legal incompliances. This includes advice in the authorization of industrial production facilities and waste management regulations.

We also had the opportunity to assist clients for issues related to waste transport and import, prolongation of regulatory permits as well as for the reauthorization of working sites.

Constructions Law

We assist clients involved in construction projects with legal needs arising throughout all phases from the point of project conception, through contract negotiation and project execution and completion.

Our law firm is counseling one of the biggest Austrian industrial plant constructors in Romania. We assessed the taking-over process and authorization for the construction of condominium buildings by an Austrian developer, as well as on the authorization of an Austrian suite hotel in Bucharest.

Corporate and Commercial Law

We provide legal assistance for: negotiation of commercial contracts, cross-border transactions, mergers & acquisitions, transfer of shares, commercial litigations, incorporation of companies and corporate restructuring and any other kinds of issues requested by our clients.

Our law firm has also a wide experience with debt recovery and insolvency proceedings.

Other fields of expertise: 

  • Real Estate Law
  • Land Book Proceedings
  • Public Procurement Law
  • General Administrative Law including proceedings in front of authorities

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