• 2015 – Present date, ”The National Institute for Training Lawyers”, Bucharest (Romania)
  • 2009 – 2013, “Nicolae Titulescu” University from Bucharest, Bachelor, Law
  • 2010 – 2012, “Nicolae Titulescu” University from Bucharest, LL.M., Financial, Bank and Stock Exchange Management
  • 2007-2010 “Nicolae Titulescu” University from Bucharest, The Faculty of Economic Sciences

Summary of Qualifications

Georgiana Lazăr is a Junior Associate at SCP “Hirsch Marinescu & Partners” SCA.

Since joining our Law Firm in 2012, Georgiana is a Junior Associate lawyer. She entered the Bucharest Bar in 2014.

Georgiana is involved in various projects in a diverse range of legal areas.  Her preferred main focus is Criminal Law, especially criminal litigation and dispute resolution. Her expertise extends to constitutional questions, especially human rights when it comes to the question of the right to a fair trial. Furthermore, she is involved in the incorporation of companies and the transfer of companies shares. On the top, she is a very important person getting in contact with authorities outside of a procedure in order to represent clients’ interests (lobbying). Finally, she is responsible for the assigned Legal Aid Service which includes case study, research, applications, sustaining in front of the court among others appeal, complaint against prison conditions and preventive measures.

She is fluent in Romanian, and English.


In October 2012, she joined the new registered local office of NH group, respectively SCP Hirsch Marinescu & Partners SCA, with whom she established collaboration as a trainee, developing together with the newly established partnership and becoming a Junior Associate lawyer, with her entering the Bucharest Bar in 2014.

The following legal practice areas are the main targeted by Georgiana Lazar:

  • Criminal Law, including Legal Aid cases
  • Representation and assistance in front of the of the courts – on criminal side as well on the civil side
  • Execution of claims including correspondence and negotiation with executors
  • Registration of claims in bankruptcy files
  • Companies Law, especially Incorporation of Companies
  • General Civil Law and Administrative Law


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